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Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation



Your wedding gown is one of your most precious possessions. It is the symbol of an important event in your life and should be treated with special care.
Preserve your wedding gown as a keepsake, perhaps for your own daughter to wear on her wedding day.

Cleaning industry experts recommend that you have your wedding gown cleaned by an expert before storage. The gown may have invisible stains from food, beverages, body oil or make-up. Long gowns and trains typically get soiled from the ground and dance floor. If these stains are not properly cleaned, they may become permanent.

Cleaning, pressing, and preservation of wedding gowns is a specialty service. At Wedding Gown X Press, we have a professionally trained Wedding Gown Specialist who will clean and prepare your wedding gown for storage, then package the gown for easy storage and display. With proper care, your wedding gown will remain a keepsake.

For specific information or pricing, call Carol Dunworth at (716) 773-4114. You can submit your wedding gown to us at our store, X-press Cleaners 2295 Grand Island Blvd. Grand Island NY 14072. We offer FREE pick-up and delivery with in 25 miles of Grand Island NY.

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